Act like a local
Take it easy

In Antwerp you can win a debate with the loudest voice, in Ghent we just ignore you

Adore the Ghent Festival (Gentse Feesten)

Each year, in the second half of July, everybody stops working and the city turns into a giant playground with free concerts everywhere

Thursday? Don't eat meat!

The local vegetarian organisation EVA succeeded in making even schools and city services meat-free that day

Don't act too touristy

So do us a favour and keep your camera in your pocket, especially in the historical centre.

Sounds of the city
Dec 12 Dec 13 Glimps Showcase Festival
Glimps is a showcase festival in Ghent’s bars. The young bands go from hopeless Finnish hipcats to amazing guitar miracles you had never heard of. You’ll always see the best Belgian bands of the moment too.
May 2015 Sep 2015 Dok Beach and Music
DOK is Ghent’s little piece of Berlin in a huge part of the old harbour docks to do we want, really: a fake beach, concerts in open air, a drive-in cinema for boats... (screening Jaws :-) Everybody is happy here, even the people selling the drink coupons.
Jul 2015 The Ghent Festival
Ten days a year, Ghent is the centre of the world with street theatre, concerts, alcohol and a few hundred thousand people. Almost everything is for FREE. One of the craziest city festivals in Europe, and we’re glad the millions of European tourists haven’t found out yet.
Jul 09 2015 Jul 19 2015 Gent Jazz Festival
Kind of a warmup to the big Ghent Festival, on the edge of town at the old Bijloke site. The festival always offers a mix of jazz (like Dave Holland and Chick Corea), and jazzy pop (like Agnes Obel and Charles Bradley).
Aug 01 2015 Aug 16 2015 Warning! Warning! Warning!
Don’t come to Ghent in the first half of August! The whole town is asleep after the festival, and almost everything is closed (except for the museums and one or two bars).
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